I am Margaret Ann Missman, artist, painter and designer, but I also love to cook, sew, crochet, garden, and general DIY.  In this blog I would love to share my art, recipes, projects, DIY tips, and anything else I can think of!

As for recipes, I love to cook. My Mother is from Decatur, Alabama, born in 1921, and loved to cook for my Dad and us six kids.  She was VERY busy.  My Dad is from Boise, Idaho, born in 1924 and put himself through school on the GI Bill, attaining a PhD in Physics, to become a Physicist, a rocket scientist!  His family was not much into education, so this was a pretty incredible feat. My Dad was stationed in Alabama during the war, and went nuts when he met my Mom there.  They have been married since 1945, and still going strong!

Both of their heritages were predominantly German.  I want to share my favorite dishes that I grew up with, many with a strong Southern bent, and some German, like my Dad’s quirky Turkey Giblet Gravy on pancakes.  A tradition after Thanksgiving.  REALLY.  SO YUMMY. Trust me on this!  However, over the years I have somehow developed gluten/wheat/starch sensitivities, so had to modify my diet to stay alive… so I will suggest substitutions when able.

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