Quinoa Gravy

Another vegan and gluten-free goodie

OK, vegan or not, this is such a great gravy, I am surprised I am not finding it easier on the internet.  Now, I love good food, but I am also looking for quick and easy, and gluten-free.  And if I wasn’t aware of my easily growing middle, I would be pouring this on everything!  I have been indulging in it over toast for breakfast.  It would be great for mashed potatoes, and those bean patties.  And vegetables. And more.

It’s just quinoa flour, oil, broth or stock of your choice (here’s an easy quick stock), and salt and pepper.  And it is so fool-proof, you can’t mess it up.  Any lumps dissolve. And quick!  Like 5 minutes.

So you take a couple of tablespoons of quinoa flour, a tablespoon of olive oil or your choice, or butter if not vegan, whisk in the quinoa flour, ¼ teaspoon salt or to taste, a pinch of black pepper, whisk in stock until smooth, and heat until bubbly and thickened, and it’s done!  It has such a great flavor.  Addictive.  I must add, though, it is especially yummy when you use butter and chicken stock….

Whisking flour and oil
Add stock, bubble and thicken, and done!


Over egg on toast…

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