Mom’s Veggie Scrambled Eggs

Glossy, moist and irresistable.   Mom made the best scrambled eggs any of us could find anywhere…and it was all in the technique, and took me a while to perfect.  Now it is one of my specialties.  And quick. The trick is to end up with soft, glossy, just set eggs, and the cheese still … Continue reading Mom’s Veggie Scrambled Eggs

Sunset’s Western Meal-in-One Casserole

A relic from 1967!   OK, I have been wanting to bring this recipe back and share with everyone for a long time.  My mother got this book, "The Sunset Ground Beef Cook Book", and tried a few recipes  - there are quite a few very good ones - but this became a family favorite … Continue reading Sunset’s Western Meal-in-One Casserole