My New “Party Stars” Design for the holidays

ctr,x2200,front,black-c,250,153,1000,1000-bg-party stars

I’ve been having fun learning Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create images and repeating designs, and I’m excited about this Party Stars design.  It required drawing a few stars, scanning, arranging, masks, gradients, lots and lots of layers, transparencies, and precise placement for a repeat pattern.  I really had fun figuring it all out, bringing my vision to fruition. The stars magically look shiny like glitter, and the design has depth with some layers softer and others stronger on top.

I have put it on gift wrap supplies and other items on Zazzle, and on Redbubble, on clothing and other items. Pictured:

Redbubble: Pillows, mugs, drawstring bag, black top and skirt

Zazzle: Gift wrap and gift box (lots more to choose from!)


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